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Jill Kelly Photography is about capturing babyhood and
childhood – the hushed sweetness of new life and the grins and
giggles of growing up. Jill Kelly, the owner and photographer,
uses the experienced eyes of a mother and professional artist
to give families lasting memories. The art created from your session
will pass through many hands as it is enjoyed by friends and
family, but it will also pass through generations.

For newborns and infants, families get to capture the feeling of wonder, excitement
and pure love that new couples experience when they first become a family, or when a
brand new baby arrives to change the family landscape. Babies bring complex and unique
times with them, and Jill Kelly Photography creates images that help families
to savor those stardust moments forever.

For toddlers and older children, sessions are about surrounding a child with his or her own personality.
Light and breezy, sweet and sensitive, independent and bold, outrageous and funny – these are
all states of mind that can be re-created in my studio or matched in an outdoor setting .

The photo shoot is where the chemistry comes together. The ideas combine with the
personality, clothes, lighting, and expressions to create extraordinary art and magical
memories. Even kids who are not in perfect moods or even a little happyabout getting
their pictures taken can have great sessions.How? Because the best pictures are found
in an instant, it only takes a split second to capture a hidden smile or sassy smirk.

I think the best images are the ones that retain their strength
and impact over the years, regardless of the number
of times they are viewed.
-Anne Geddes